PHP 5.3.0发布正式版

19号的 PHP 5.3.0 RC4 到 30号的 PHP 5.3.0 正式版,间隔了11天的时间,今天终于放出了下载。


该版本更新内容如下( 详情 ):


1. Reserved words and classes
2. Changes made to existing functions
3. Changes made to existing methods
4. Changes made to existing classes
5. Deprecated
6. Undeprecated
7. Extensions:
  a. moved out to PECL and actively maintained there
  b. no longer maintained
  c. with changed behaviour
  d. no longer possible to disable
8. Changes in SAPI support
9. Changes in INI directives
10. Syntax additions
11. Windows support
12. New in PHP 5.3:
  a. New libraries
  b. New extensions
  c. New stream wrappers
  d. New stream filters
  e. New functions
  f. New global constants
  g. New classes
  h. New methods
  i. New class constants

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