How to block Forcepoint Endpoint

In the past few days, I consistently experienced slow website browsing. Upon investigation, I found that an extension named “Forcepoint Endpoint for MacOS” had been installed on my Chrome browser, Interestingly, while browsing websites in the “Browser’s private mode,” there was no impact on the speed (as this extension cannot be used in private mode) I located the extension here: ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/Extensions Initially, I attempted to delete this extension, but the system promptly restored it. I had to delete it once again. Then, I used the “touch” command to create a file with the same name and used “chmod” to change the file’s permissions to 000, ensuring that no one could modify it. 1 2 3 cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Google/Chrome/Default/Extensions touch



Mindset 也许我是错的;Action 面聊。

My teacher said “Great job👍!!! Clear pronunication and natural pauses!”

What seems difficult today will be easy someday.

Deliver results, grow people


Giving directions to another foreigner makes me a happy foreigner.

Shame on me, next time hope I can speak English.

After Pfizer, My left arm wasn’t mine.

The JTVC is very well organized and well run.


Soooo tired

大可不必 totally unnecessary




爱奇艺不能用了……想看剧,要先学会 翻&qiang 回去……